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Expense Tracking Add On

3.99 usd

ALL proceeds support Guatemalan MissionIf you are currently running Mileage Tracker or Time Tracker, and you want to add the ability to track expenses across various clients and jobs, the Expense Add On is the application to use. The Expense Add On integrates seamlessly with your existing Mileage or Time tracker applications to provide an extremely robust set of features for expense management. This application upgrades your existing Mileage Tracker or Time Tracker applications; so, you will continue to use those applications to access you new expense management features.
Each expense entry provides the following options:* Purchases as well as returns are able to be tracked within Expense Tracker.* Each credit and purchase can be tracked in whatever currency the item was purchased in. With the automatic updates of exchange rates, these purchases are summarized along with other currency purchases to the base currency of the user.* With more than 20 different payment types within Expense Tracker, you can track and report purchases for each of your different payment types.* Expense Tracker allows each expense to be associated with a tag for grouping expenses together.* Do you need to track where the purchase was made? The merchant field allows you to keep this information close at hand.* With the additional notes field, even more details about the expense can be recorded. Maybe you purchased dinner for a number of guests and need to remember their names or possibly you need to add justification for your purchase. Whatever the need, the notes field can help.* Receipts can be associated with expenses in one of two ways:** For devices with built in cameras, a picture of the receipt can be taken and added to the expense in only two touches.** If your receipt is already in an electronic form (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.), you can easily attach and view the receipt within Expense Tracker.